Saturday night clear, cool in metro Detroit

Sunday will be sunny, warmer

DETROIT – Good luck to last-minute filers getting their taxes done this weekend in Detroit with high-value weather. It will be sunny and warm both Saturday and Sunday. Hard to believe we had snow a week ago.

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Saturday morning will be chilly and clear. Temps will be in the low 40s at breakfast-time. Families going to the Science Olympiad at West Maple Elementary in Bloomfield Hills or the Downriver Dash in Taylor will need their jackets and jeans to stay warm. A knit hat and pair of gloves will help, as well.

Saturday afternoon will be sunny and warm. Highs will be near 70°F. It will be perfect of the Webelos Walkabout in New Boston and for student going to and from College Day at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. Neighborhoods near the Detroit River and the big lakes will be cooler with temps in the low and mid 60s.

The weather remains more than favorable Saturday evening with temps in the 60s, then 50s. Roads remain dry for supporters traveling to and from Comedy 4 Cancer in Warren and the 55th Annual Barristers Ball in Detroit.

Saturday night will be clear and cool with lows in the low 40s. It's still a good idea to bring pets indoors.

Sunday will be sunny and warmer. Highs will be in the low 70s. While it feels like spring outside Joe Louis Arena, playoff hockey will be roar inside with the Red Wings hosting the Tampa Bay Lightning. The puck drops at 7pm ET, and weather will not be an obstacle for fans making it to the stadium on time. 

Tax Day, Monday, will be bright and warm with highs in the low 70s. Tuesday and Wednesday will be cooler with mostly sunny skies. Highs will be in the low and mid 60s. Thursday will have more sunshine, and the next best chance of rain is on Friday.


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