Detroit weather: Clouds will increase, but it will stay dry

Highs near 80

DETROIT – Areas farther north will have more sunshine through the day. 

A storm system passing to our south will remain far enough south that it appears that the rain on its northern fringe should remain south of our area.  Those of you near the state line with outdoor activities planned today should still monitor the radar on our free Local4Casters app just in case, although I think it’ll be a dry day.

If you’re heading out on the waters today, wind will be from the southeast at 5 to 10 knots, with waves two feet or less -- a great day for boaters!  Just be sure to slap on the sunscreen -- the sun’s rays are at their strongest this time of year, and don’t forget that you get EXTRA SOLAR RADIATION on the water due to receiving both what’s coming down through the sky PLUS what’s reflected by the water.  And, yes, you still get some of that radiation through the clouds, just not as much, of course, as when skies are clear.

Dry conditions

As I highlighted early last week before leaving on vacation, we have very dry conditions outside, and many communities have banned fireworks this year as a result.  You can check the list here on ClickOnDetroit.com to see if your community is affected.  Even if your community isn’t on the list, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t dry near you -- just that your community has decided not to issue a ban. 

PLEASE be extra careful this year with any fireworks, and always have a quick method of extinguishing a fire (hose, fire extinguisher, etc.) close by.  But my advice is to just forego the fireworks this year -- to me, the chance of starting a major fire just isn’t worth it.  And by the way, my big fear is the defective firework that shoots its projectile far off to the side instead of straight up, and beyond your ability to monitor if it starts a fire. 


Remember that some of the fireworks you buy are manufactured overseas with very poor quality control standards.  Sometimes, you really don’t know what you’re getting.

Even with the cloud cover today, highs should still rise to near 80° (that’s 27° Celsius for our Canadian friends, who just celebrated their own Independence Day a few days ago).  Wind will be from the southeast at 4 to 8 mph.  Today’s sunrise is at 6:03 AM, and today’s sunset is at 9:13 PM.

Any clouds in the area should start diminishing by late tonight, with lows creeping up into the mid 60s (18° Celsius), and calm air not providing any breeze coming into the bedroom windows.

Tuesday forecast

Mostly sunny and warmer on Tuesday, with highs in the mid to upper 80s (30-31° Celsius).

Mostly clear, warm and muggy Tuesday night, with lows near 70° (21° Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Wednesday with a good chance of much needed rain in the form of afternoon thunderstorms.  At this point, I don’t expect any severe weather, so no worries there…let’s just hope we get this rain.  Highs in the low 90s (33° Celsius).

Showers and thunderstorms should diminish Wednesday night, with lows in the low 70s (22° Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Thursday with a smaller chance for a thunderstorm.  Highs in the mid to upper 80s (30-31° Celsius).

Partly cloudy and still warm and muggy Thursday night, with lows near 70° (21° Celsius).

Partly cloudy on Friday with a good chance of more thunderstorms.  Highs in the mid 80s (30° Celsius).

A cold front sweeping through Friday night should bring in cooler, less humid air for the upcoming weekend.  As long as the front moves out before daybreak Saturday, the day should be partly cloudy and dry (I’m hosting a dinner party that evening, it BETTER be dry), with highs in the mid 80s (29° Celsius).

Sunday looks mostly sunny, with highs in the low 80s (28° Celsius).

Sunshine and dry weather should continue on Monday and Tuesday, with gradual warming into the mid 80s.

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