Metro Detroit about to get hit with potentially dangerous heat

Temps could hit 90 today

DETROIT – Tons of morning sun will help Metro Detroit warm quickly into the 80s on Wednesday.

We may have a few neighborhoods flirting with 90 degrees this afternoon. A few waves of high clouds and puffy cumulus clouds with the heat of the afternoon, but humidity or mugginess will be manageable. Warming from the south will be on the weaker side SSE 5-10 mph.

More mugginess moves in Thursday as temps head into the 90s. As heat indices climb to near triple digits, we may see our first Heat Advisory of the year later this week. Hot and humid air also brings storm threats Thursday and Friday. These will be the warmest and most unstable days of the week.

More 90s and storm chances Friday as highs get into the mid 90s feeling more like triple digits with the kind of dangerous heat that can cause heat stress and stroke if we are staying cool and hydrated. We’ll have plenty of reminders and tips coming your way as we stay very warm through Sunday and Monday.  

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