Hurricane Matthew causes travel chaos across U.S.

Effects of hurricane hit southeastern U.S. Thursday

DETROIT – The effects of Hurricane Matthew -- the most powerful storm to hit the state in the past decade -- began hitting Florida Thursday afternoon.

The ripple effects from Matthew are being felt all across the country, especially for people with loved ones in the southeast.

Click here to view a full breakdown of how Hurricane Matthew has effected the United States and Haiti.

Travelers at Detroit Metro Airport have also been affected.

Rod Meloni's brother is in the evacuation zone, and he decided not to leave. Rod took a look at the latest updates on Hurricane Matthew.

The devastation in Haiti scared residents half to death, and Florida's massive population is forced into making the same calculus -- stay or go?

Ned Meloni decided staying makes the most sense.

"I was at the Home Depot a little while ago picking up a few things, and it's a madhouse in there," Ned Meloni said. "But I have to say, everyone is being civil with each other."

He said I-95 is a virtual parking lot in all lanes heading north.

It's not quite as dangerous farther south, where the Solomon and Zousmer families are living as Florida transplants from Detroit. They're staying together and partying together, because the Solomons have a gas-powered backup generator and storm shutters.

They spoke with Rod Meloni about the storm and how they're getting through it. You can hear from them in the story posted above.

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