Metro Detroit weather forecast: 80s with evening storm chances

Today is day three in a row where we take a shot at 80 degrees.

Temps around Metro Detroit this morning are in the upper 50s to low 60s as you head out under mostly clear skies. The sun will quickly warm temps on your Friday into the upper 70s and yes… more low 80s chances. Just like the last couple of days, we will monitor showers along a cold front to our west. This one will pack more of a punch and brings rain and thundershower chances after 6 or 7pm scattered around SE Lower Michigan and Southern Ontario.

The timeframe for showers this evening is 8pm to 2am Saturday, which means it will be bright and sunny tomorrow. That said, cooler air with this stronger cold front will be noticeable tomorrow. We’ll start the day near 50 degrees and then warm only about 10 to maybe 15 degrees into the afternoon in the low 60s. Breezes will pick up coming in from the WNW 10-15 mph gusting over 20 mph from time to time.

The same weather pattern holds Sunday without the stronger breezes, so it will be cool but beautiful. Sunshine will mix with some afternoon clouds as highs stay in the low 60s. It will warm a bit Monday, Columbus Day with sun and mid to upper 60s.

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