Severe weather alert: Chance of winds up to 70 mph, tornado not out of question

Local 4Casters declare severe weather alert for Friday

DETROIT – The Local 4Casters have declared a severe weather alert for Friday afternoon and evening. Record highs are growing on trees it seems, but Friday's severe storm threat is nothing to take lightly.

Overnight, we'll see some showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder move through. The storms will not be severe. Lows will drop to either side of 40.

Any early rain will gone before the end of the morning commute. A warm front will surge north, allowing temperatures to shatter another record.

Expect the upper 60s for an official high, but temperatures will vary widely. We may see some 70s near the Ohio state line. Our 4ZONE forecast has that breakdown.

The biggest story will be the strong storms developing on the heels of those record highs. Winds up to 70 mph will be the most likely threat.

A tornado is not out of the question. Expect storms to start popping up after 4 p.m. in our South and West Zones.

Storm chances will last through 2 a.m., when a cold front will put an end to the rough weather.

Take a few extra minutes to go over your severe weather plan before the weather gets rough Friday. Also, make sure you have a way to get any watches or warnings that are issued.

We'll keep you on top of the weather with our Local4Casters app, ClickOnDetroit and Local 4.

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