Metro Detroit weather: Fresh snow ahead after major winter warmup

Temperatures in 50s followed by Friday snowflakes

DETROIT – A winter weather advisory has been issued for the entire area, from 4 a.m. through 7 p.m. Friday.

Snow melted away just in time for a fresh layer, and it looks like Friday’s flakes will be around longer than just the morning.

Temperatures haven't set a record (yet), but we should remain in the mid-50s through midnight. Beyond that, things will change in a hurry. Rain developing Thursday evening will last until sunrise when it becomes sleet and some freezing rain.

The mix will transition to snow within a couple hours as temperatures dip below freezing and continue dropping throughout the day. Snow will be around through mid-afternoon, at least on the east side. That will give us a snowfall total of 2-4 inches by early evening.


This is a snowfall forecast, meaning the amount that actually sticks to the ground could be less. Nevertheless, both commutes will be a mess for different reasons. Morning drivers will be contending with rain, sleet and some freezing rain.

Plus, all the rain and melting snow from overnight will freeze in a hurry as temperatures crash. By the afternoon drive, the snowfall should be wrapped up, but it will all be on the ground. It will depend on the speed of the plows as to how challenging the commute will be.

The weekend looks dry but much colder with highs in the teens and lows mainly in the single digits.

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