Here's one really good thing about our April cold spell

It was a cold, wintry first half of April in Metro Detroit. (WDIV)
It was a cold, wintry first half of April in Metro Detroit. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Now that we’ve sufficiently endured the abnormal April cold spell, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. If April ended today, it would be one of our top ten coldest all-time Aprils. Of course, there’s still plenty of the month to go, so we’ll relax those stats a bit over the next couple of weeks.

But as much as everybody complained about the two-plus weeks of winter in April, there is one group of you -- a sizeable group, at that -- which benefited greatly from the delayed start to spring. The much colder than normal temperatures delayed the green up of our vegetation, and that means a later start to your allergy season.

Normally, trees are the first to bloom, and tree pollen sets off severe allergy attacks in a lot of people. Last year, trees were already well in bloom by this time, so those of you with allergies were suffering at the start of April.  But not this year…the trees are still dormant, and there’s so little pollen in the air that we haven’t even started receiving our daily pollen counts yet from Lakeshore Ear, Nose and Throat. But don’t worry, it’s coming soon with the milder temperatures headed our way.

So, as terrible, awful, horrible and downright disgusting our weather has been so far this month, this is your one silver lining in all of those clouds we had. Wishing you a tolerable allergy season ahead…

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