Now this is cool: GOES 16 weather satellite provides stunningly clear images


DETROIT – The new GOES 16 weather satellite is providing images in higher resolution than we meteorologists have ever had to work with.

The data is stunning. One great feature of GOES 16 is that there are two “Mesoscale Floater Sectors.” These are extra high-resolution images that will target a different location every day based upon weather needs. For example, if severe storms are expected in a certain region, one (or both) Mesoscale Sectors will monitor that area to help us watch for convective initiation and other features that may help us determine where and when the severe storms will pop.

Today, one of the two Mesoscale Sectors was targeting the western Great Lakes, and take a look at this!

First, the detail is so extraordinary that you can actually see individual rivers flowing within that area of white snow cover. But even more amazing is that you can actually see the snow melting and retreating northward as the sun gets higher in the sky and temperatures warm well above freezing. This was such a cool thing to see that I had to share it with you today. How neat is THAT?

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