Metro Detroit weather: Monday storms could be severe

For more information about tornadoes, click here.
For more information about tornadoes, click here.

DETROIT – It’s going to be really tough sledding the next couple of days for those without air conditioning.


Although a morning shower or thunderstorm is possible north of I-69, most of us will have a dry first half of the day.  

Hot and humid once again, with scattered afternoon thunderstorms possible, and it now appears as if a few of those storms could be strong-to-severe. 

Highs near 90 degrees (32 degrees Celsius) with the humidity, of course, making it feel warmer.

Monday Night

Showers and thunderstorms continue Monday night, with lows in the low 70s (21 to 22 degrees Celsius).

Primary Day

Mostly cloudy on Tuesday with a chance of showers and thunderstorms – especially in the morning -- with the rain possibly diminishing during the afternoon.  Cooler, with highs in the low 80s (28 degrees Celsius).  Regardless of the weather, we need to reverse the trend of more than half of our southeast Michigan population voting in primaries and get to the polls.  

Voting is not a right…there is nothing in the law that says we HAVE TO vote.  Rather, voting is a privilege.  There are a lot of people around the world that don’t have that privilege, but a lot of Americans take that privilege for granted.  Whether you like or don’t like the decisions our politicians make, voting gives you the opportunity to affirm or change those making the decisions.  GET OUT AND VOTE.

The Rest of Next Week

It looks as if we start a nice stretch of great recreational summer weather Wednesday with typical summer temperatures which could potentially last all the way through next weekend!  Today’s computer models all indicate mostly sunny or partly cloudy skies, with highs generally in the low to  mid 80s (28 to 30 degrees Celsius), with overnight lows in the low to mid 60s (17 to 19 degrees Celsius).  

One thing to keep an eye on are some weak upper level disturbances crossing the Great Lakes later in the week.  Depending upon the strength and timing of those disturbances, an isolated shower or thunderstorms could pop up Thursday or Friday afternoon.  

Then, preliminary indications are that we’ll start heating up again by the end of next weekend into early the following week (but next weekend itself looks great).

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