Metro Detroit weather: Varying temperatures, several rain chances ahead

Lows could drop into upper 30s overnight


DETROIT – Metro Detroit is finishing up a beautiful October afternoon with typical temperatures. That's the last time we will be able to say that until the end of next week.

Temperatures and rain chances will be up and down frequently over the next 10 days. On Thursday night, we'll get downright chilly. Lows will range from the upper 30s in our West Zone to the mid-40s in our Metro Zone.

Friday will stay primarily dry with plenty of clouds and a possible light shower. The best chance of getting a few raindrops will be in the South Zone. Temperatures will finish slightly cooler than normal in the low 60s.

It appears Saturday will be wet at times. Right now, plan on morning rain and late afternoon or evening showers and storms. But how much dry time and sunshine lies between is still in question. That’s not great news for homecoming games in East Lansing and Ann Arbor.

Temperatures are on track to touch 80 degrees Saturday, and there will be plenty of humidity by late in the day. Extended cloud breaks could boost humidity even higher.

Sunday looks more wet than dry. Highs will still be above normal, but slightly cooler, in the low 70s.

There are more 80s to come. We will hit that mark the first three days of next week. We can’t say that any of those three days will be completely dry, but a shower will be an exception.

Wednesday night into Thursday morning is our most likely shot at rain next week.

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