More showers, still chilly Sunday

Temps in the 40s



Motown remains wet and chilly, Sunday. As families get ready for Halloween,  we will need to think about what to wear under our costumes to remain warm.


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Rain moves away Sunday evening as it gets chillier, again. Temperatures will be in the low 40s at dinner time.

Sunset is at 6:32 p.m. ET.

Sunday night will be mostly to partly cloudy and colder. Overnight lows will be in the middle and upper 30s.

Monday will be a bit sunnier, but temperatures will rise only slightly. Daytime temps in the low 50s.

Tuesday will have some showers with afternoon temps in the middle 50s.

Halloween Forecast

Happy Halloween, Wednesday! It will be called during the day with mostly cloudy skies. Daytime temps in the middle 50s. Trick-or-treat temperatures will be in in the chilly 40s. Children will need to layer up underneath their costumes while wearing a knit hat and Nick loves to stay warm.

Remember, daylight saving time ends next weekend  from Saturday, November 3, to Sunday, November 4. We fall back one hour before going to bed.


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