Metro Detroit weather: Damp Friday evening, colder and drier Friday night

Lows in the 30s

Andrew Humphrey takes a look at the upcoming Metro Detroit weather forecast on Nov. 2, 2018. (WDIV)
Andrew Humphrey takes a look at the upcoming Metro Detroit weather forecast on Nov. 2, 2018. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Welcome to Friday, Detroit! Wet weather slowly leaves as it becomes colder, Friday evening and Friday night. Sunshine returns this weekend as we fall back 1 hour for the end of Daylight Saving Time.

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Scattered rain continues to fall north of 8 Mile Road, especially in Macomb and St. Clair Counties, Friday evening. It remains chilly with temperatures in the 40s. Remember to grab your umbrellas, jackets, hats and scarves before going to and from events and activities like Friday night football.

After midnight, it becomes colder and drier. Temps fall to the 30s; close to freezing farther west and north of Motown. Pets and potted plants need to be brought indoors.


Saturday will be sunnier. Although it remains chilly with highs near 55 degrees, Southeast Michigan has fantastic fall color. Great weather for college football. Central Michigan plays the Eastern Michigan University Eagles in Ypsilanti at 12 noon ET. The Michigan Wolverine plays Penn State at 3:45 p.m. ET.

We fall back 1 hour Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Remember to change all batteries in your alarms and detectors.

Sunday's sunrise is at 7:10 a.m. ET, and sunset is at 5:23 p.m. ET.

Sunday forecast

Sunday will have increasing clouds, but it will be a bit milder. Afternoon temps will be closer to average; in the low and mid 50s. Rain arrives with a warm front, Sunday night and early Monday.

Next week's forecast, including Election Day

Monday will have scattered rain showers as it becomes milder. Daytime temps will reach the middle 50s.

Election Day, Tuesday. Remember to go vote and bring friends and family members to do the same. Rain is likely with highs near 60 degrees.

Wednesday will be chillier and windy. High near 50 degrees.

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