Potential weather system could give Metro Detroit shot at White Christmas


Are you feeling lucky this holiday season? 

While the snow has mostly stayed away for December, we're still hoping for a bit of snow just in time for Christmas.

A White Christmas is always a beautiful, glorious thing to wake up to. That is, of course, unless you're driving.

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Local 4 Caster Paul Gross posted his update on the White Christmas forecast Monday -- here's the latest:

The bulk of the day Sunday looks dry around the region.  

We are carefully monitoring a potential weather system for Sunday night that, if this particular model pans out, could give us just enough snow for a White Christmas!  

But before you put any stock into this Christmas miracle, remember that the computer models don’t handle weak weather systems very well this far in advance.  

This will likely change…so stay tuned.  But be aware that, at least based upon today’s maps, there could be some snow around the region Sunday night…that would affect travel, obviously.  

We will keep a very close eye on this.


The bulk of Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Eve looks dry around the region, so that would be great news for those trying to get somewhere right before the holiday begins.

Christmas Day itself looks pretty quiet, with perhaps another weak weather system triggering some festive snowflakes later in the day.  Again, remember our caveat: the models don’t handle these weak system well a week in advance.  Stay tuned…

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