Weekend warmup gives way to relief from brutal cold week

Saturday afternoon will be mostly cloudy, not as cold

A view of the Detroit riverfront and skyline. (WDIV)
A view of the Detroit riverfront and skyline. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Welcome to the weekend. It sure was a rough week. From having to deal with the weather, to the emergency dialing down of our thermostats, to having to figure out child care for kids missing three or four days of school, we sure deserve this break.  

By the way, Saturday is Groundhog Day. According to predictions, spring is coming early this year. 
For the first time in a week, I can say that we have no weather problems this morning. Temperatures in the teens are not nearly as cold as what we dealt with all week long, and it is dry out…no rain or snow to mess up the roads.  

Wind is relatively light, too, so the worst wind chill will be that which you runners will generate on your morning run.  

Most of the daylight hours should continue dry. Clouds will increase from north to south this morning, but that won’t stymie our temperature climb.  By noon, we should be around 30 degrees, and into the mid to upper 30s by mid afternoon. That is great news if you’re heading to the last day of the Ferndale Blues and Music Festival.  

My only concern about the weekend forecast is the possibility for some patchy drizzle or a few very light rain showers this evening and night.  

In fact, developing fog (especially dense fog…if it develops as the warm air flows over the cold snow) could moisten the pavement.

Even though temperatures should remain a little above freezing, we need to be cognizant of the fact that we’ve just come out of a brutally cold stretch, so pavement will be very cold, as well.

Therefore, even with an above freezing air temperature, there could be a bit of glaze developing on wet pavement.  

Remember what you are reading here if you are out this evening and notice a bit of mist or some damp pavement, and use extra caution just in case.  

Things may end up just fine, but assume that there is some black ice.  As long as you are careful, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting to the Pistons game against the Clippers (Blake Griffin’s old team) at 5 p.m., or to Eprom at Elektricity in Pontiac and Dennis DeYoung at MGM Grand in Detroit this evening.  

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