Paul Gross: Dry weather conditions in Metro Detroit this weekend

Cloudy Saturday

There will be a lot of clouds Saturday, but none will leak. Fortunately, we are done with rain through at least Monday morning.

DETROIT – What a week.  For some, it has been a particularly rough week due to the flooding, and you have a lot of work ahead of you this weekend.  

There will be a lot of clouds Saturday but, fortunately, those clouds will not leak…we’re done with rain through at least Monday morning, so that helps a lot.  

Those not dealing with flood cleanup should be able to enjoy the great outdoors, especially with temperatures rebounding into the low 60s this afternoon.  

But there’s one caveat: we’ll have a light north wind that will become an east wind later today, and that will keep areas near Lakes Huron, St. Clair and Erie much cooler.  

Still, if we can get some breaks of sun (which will become increasingly prevalent toward the end of the day), then it’ll be a reasonable day to catch the Tigers game at Comerica Park.  

The dry weather will extend into the evening hours, so there should be no weather problems if you’re heading over to the The Fillmore to see Ali Wong at 7 p.m., to the Parliament Room in Ferndale to see Virginia Violet and the Rays, or if you’re heading to the 47th annual International Glass Invitational Awards Exhibition at Habatat Galleries in Royal Oak at 8 p.m.

Have a great Saturday!

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