VIDEO: Storm chaser has close encounter with Kansas tornado

MINNEOLA, Kan. – A storm chaser in Kansas got more than he bargained for when he got caught in the middle of a tornado Friday, and it was all caught on camera.

Video from storm chaser Connor McCrorey shows the twister touching down in a field in Minneola, Kansas. NBC News reports that it was one of many that touched down in the area Friday.

McCrorey was recording from inside his vehicle when the tornado quickly approached and swept across the road, pounding his car with heavy wind and debris.

Watch the video above.

In the past three days, 52 tornados were reported across seven states, according to CNN Meteorologist Michael Guy. 

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center expects an outbreak of tornados in portions of northwest Texas into western and central Oklahoma on Monday. Potentially dangerous severe weather is expected in surrounding parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

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