Metro Detroit weather: Honing in on the Grand Prix forecast!


DETROIT – Rain and thunderstorms moved through this afternoon, but not before some storms with heavy rain and possibly even some small hail crossed Lenawee and Monroe Counties.

Those storms are now east of our area, but we still have a shower and possibly even a thunderstorm chance through this evening as a cold front approaches. In fact, skies will clear overnight behind the front, which could cause some fog to develop. Lows in the mid 50s (12 degrees Celsius), but cooler away from our Urban Heat Island. West wind will shift to the northwest, and diminish to 2 to 5 mph.

Mostly sunny on Friday (TGIF!), a glorious start to Grand Prix weekend! In fact, don’t forget that Friday is Free Prix Day -- you get to come to Belle Isle and watch practice sessions for free! Just remember the sunscreen -- the sun’s rays are very strong right now, and you’ll burn pretty easily. Some people think that they are at a much lower risk of a sunburn if the weather isn’t hot, but that line of thinking will get you a sunburn really quick. It doesn’t matter if the temperature is 65 degrees or 86 degrees (18 or 30 degrees Celsius): the sun’s rays are equal at either temperature and will burn you. Even if you don’t mind getting a sunburn, the skin cancer you’ll get down the road won’t be worth it.

Highs Friday will be very pleasant -- in the mid to upper 70s (25 to 26 degrees Celsius), with wind becoming a south wind at 5 to 10 mph. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Increasing clouds Friday night, with showers and thunderstorms developing around or after midnight. Lows in the low 60s (16 degrees Celsius).

With a bit of luck, we may get through most of Saturday morning dry, and even with partial sunshine. However, thunderstorms will start popping up during the afternoon, and a strong storm is not out of the question. Whether you’ll be on Belle Isle, playing a round of golf, or just doing some yard work -- keep a very close eye on our app’s radar -- you definitely don’t want to be surprised by these storms.

Highs Saturday in the mid 70s (24 degrees Celsius).

Showers and storms end Saturday night after passage of a cold front, with lows in the low 50s (11 degrees Celsius).

Sunday hopefully will remain dry. We say “hopefully” because an unusually strong (for this time of year) upper level trough will cross right overhead Sunday. When that happens, we sometimes get scattered instability showers. However, some very dry air here at the surface will also be moving in, and that will counteract that upper trough. So right now we’re going to continue with our dry forecast for Sunday, with skies going from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy as the day progresses.

Highs Sunday, however, will only be in the upper 60s (20 degrees Celsius), and it’ll be a breezy day. Remember that advice from above: even if it’s a cooler day, the sun’s rays will burn you as quickly as if it was hot day. Slap on some sunscreen!

Next week outlook – and some good news!

Although we have some close calls, if everything pans out next week, we have a rain chance on only one day, and that day is Wednesday. Otherwise, it looks like partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies most of the week, with highs rising from the mid to upper 60s (19 to 20 degrees Celsius) on Monday, into the upper 70s (26 degrees Celsius) by Wednesday, and staying warm after that.

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