Metro Detroit weather: Chances of rain overnight, then dry rest of week

Storms not expected to be severe

DETROIT – We’re settling into the nicest part of the forecast, but we need to tweak some things first.

Showers will be few and far between Tuesday evening, and they’re not in any hurry to leave. Rainfall won’t amount to much, plus these storms won’t be severe. The impact will be minimal.

The driving force for the raindrops isn’t the daytime heating, so expect a stray shower in spots through the overnight and possibly during the Wednesday morning commute. Most of us will stay dry, though.

Then, there’s the humidity. As of Tuesday afternoon, it’s lower than it was Monday, but still noticeable. The air will continue to dry out over the next 24 hours, and we’ll get very dry by Wednesday night. It will stay that way through the end of the workweek. We’ll go back to noticeable levels by the weekend.


The forecast will remain dry from Wednesday morning through much of next week. Check the 10-day forecast for our one shot of rain during the first week of August.

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