Metro Detroit weather: Severe storms could include tornado risk

Severe weather possible Tuesday night in Metro Detroit

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DETROIT – Severe weather is possible Tuesday evening in Metro Detroit, and it's not just straight-line winds and hail that have us concerned. A tornado is also possible with any of the storms that move through in the next several hours.

Overall, the area is under a slight risk for severe weather. That's category two of five, and we won't be under the gun all night. It looks like 8 p.m. to midnight will be the window of concern, starting in the North and West zones and ending in the South Zone.

High clouds have kept temperatures down Tuesday. Plus, early storms in northern Indiana kept moisture from being higher than it is. That's all working in our favor.

But the winds are working against us. They're strong in the upper levels. In fact, they could be strong enough to overcompensate for the lack of higher temperatures and moisture at the surface. Plus, the changing direction of those winds higher in the sky means rotation will be possible in storms. That's why a tornado threat is part of this forecast.

Hear more about the severe storm risk in the video update below.

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Even though there isn't a watch in effect now, you can do a few things to get prepared:

  • Charge your phones and tablets.
  • Bring in any loose objects from the patio and yard.
  • Make sure you have multiple ways to get weather warnings.

Don't rely solely on your phone for severe weather information. Make sure you have at least a second source. Whether it's a NOAA weather radio, ClickOnDetroit or keeping your TV on Local 4 (preferably all three!), you'll know immediately if the storms require action.

Other threats are also in play, including large hail that could be larger than a quarter.

Beyond Tuesday night, we'll be cool and dry, with the only chance of rain coming Friday morning.

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