Metro Detroit weather: Warm front ushers in fog, rain chances

GF Default - Local 4Casters: Warm front ushers in fog, rain chances
GF Default - Local 4Casters: Warm front ushers in fog, rain chances

DETROIT – A warm front is ushering in fog and rain chances this week in Metro Detroit.

Some of us will battle fog again Wednesday morning. Visibility has improved since Tuesday morning, but there are still a lot of low clouds and at least some patchy light fog around.

Wherever clouds break Tuesday night, expect fog to fill in those gaps. Model data suggests that’s more likely in the North Zone. Visibility there could dip below a mile at times. The rest of us will see noticeable fog, but it shouldn’t be as dense. Lows will be close to freezing.

Fog forecast (WDIV)

Rain rolls in Thursday

We’ve got one solid shot at rain this week, and it will arrive Thursday.

We should get out of the house dry in the morning. Rain will arrive in the West Zone by mid-morning, then spread across the area for the daylight hours. Some spots will stay wet through late evening before the entire area dries out.

Another cold burst

Temperatures won’t quite get to average Wednesday because of the clouds, but a warm front leading Thursday’s rain will drag in some warmer air, despite the precipitation. Expect highs to reach the low 50s.

Then, a cold front will sweep out the rain Thursday night, ushering in another burst of cold air. We’ll spend most of Friday and Saturday in the 30s. High temperatures will return to the 40s by Sunday.

Weekend forecast (WDIV)

Thanksgiving week

Unfortunately, we’ve got a mess to track in the middle of Thanksgiving week. Plan for likely rain Wednesday, with winds picking up, especially late.

There will be snow on the backside of that system for west Michigan, but it will stay away from us. If your travel plans include a drive to Chicago on Wednesday night, be prepared for lake-effect snow along I-94 and I-96.

Turkey Day proper looks dry, breezy and cold. Temperatures will start in the upper 20s for Turkey Trotters and parade-goers. Highs will finish in the upper 30s when Detroit Lions fans are leaving Ford Field.

Turkey travel forecast (WDIV)

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