Metro Detroit weather: A mostly-dry end to the work week

DETROIT – We're leaving the morning teens behind us. After an above freezing finish this afternoon, we get to enjoy the 40s until the end of the weekend. And many of us will stay dry until early next week.

Worst Of The Cold

Temperatures this morning hit the coldest point in the forecast. So it all gets better from here. There were some spots that ended up in single digits. But with lighter winds, it didn’t *feel* as cold as Wednesday’s start.


Sunshine Peeks Out

As temperatures return above normal for the next couple days, sunshine will be around as well. It won’t blanket our backyards, but some peeks here and there will be welcome. Friday will be the brightest day until next week. Even Saturday and Sunday with more clouds will feature some sunshine.

Mainly Dry Weekend

The core of this weekend's system will stay well to our east and south. There will be a piece of weak energy that triggers a few Saturday afternoon sprinkles and possibly some morning lake effect snow showers on Sunday. Any of those should be very isolated, keeping many of us dry for both days.

Snow Questions Next Week

Monday into Tuesday is raising some questions about snow. Most of the long range models give us very little if any snow. But the American model is suggesting more... a LOT more. That model is routinely the odd man out. However, it bears watching through the next few days.

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