Metro Detroit weather forecast: A green, but mild Christmas

Metro Detroit Weather Brief, Dec. 24, 2019, noon update
Metro Detroit Weather Brief, Dec. 24, 2019, noon update

DETROIT – If I hadn’t told you yesterday, you might not have known that a cold front swept across the area Monday evening.

The front had very little moisture to work with, so it generated no rain or snow. In fact, only high, thin clouds accompanied the front. Wind behind the front has shifted and will blow from the east today, which will advect moisture from Lakes Erie and Huron our way and generate thicker clouds for at least the first part of the day. These clouds should tend to break up as the afternoon progresses.

It’ll be a cooler day than on Monday, with highs reaching the low to mid 40s (5 to 6 degrees Celsius), compared to Monday’s highs in the low to mid 50s (11 to 12 degrees Celsius). Remember, however, that our average high this time of year is 34 degrees (1 degree Celsius), so what we’ve done is cooled off from well-above average temperatures to “just” above average temperatures. The aforementioned east wind will blow at 4 to 8 mph.

Today’s sunrise is at 8:00 a.m., and today’s sunset is at 5:06 p.m.

Christmas Eve will be dry, with temperatures this evening dropping into the mid 30s (3 degrees Celsius), and then not dropping much more after that as warmer air makes a return to the area. Southeast wind at 2 to 5 mph means that a mouse won’t be the only thing not stirring tonight!

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Christmas Day will also be dry, with partly cloudy skies, and highs once again near 50 degrees (9 to 10 degrees Celsius).

Increasing clouds Wednesday night, with lows in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees (4 degrees Celsius).

Mostly cloudy on Thursday as we start Kwanzaa, with mild highs in the low 50s (11 degrees Celsius).

Mostly cloudy Thursday night with a very small light shower chance. Lows in the low 40s (5 degrees Celsius).

Mostly cloudy to start on Friday, with at least partial sun developing during the day. Highs near 50 degrees (10 degrees Celsius).

Weekend update

The computer models are starting to yield a more confident solution to the weekend weather pattern evolution. As I suspected yesterday, Saturday definitely looks to be the better day. It will likely remain dry throughout the daylight hours, albeit mostly cloudy, with highs in the mid 40s (8 degrees Celsius).

We may barely remain dry for our Saturday evening Date Night plans, before rain moves in after midnight.

Sunday looks to start with a solid band of rain, with it becoming a windy day once the cold front crosses the area. Highs probably still in the mid 40s (8 degrees Celsius), depending upon the cold front’s timing, of course.

New Year’s Eve outlook

New Year’s Eve looks dry right now, with temperatures near 30 degrees (-1 degrees Celsius).

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Local 4 meteorologist Paul Gross was born in Detroit and has spent his entire life and career right here in southeast Michigan. Paul has researched, written and produced eight half-hour documentaries for WDIV, as well as many science, historical and environmental stories.