Metro Detroit weather: Mix of rain and snow expected this weekend

Few snowflakes hang around this week

Local 4Casters: Mix of rain and snow expected this weekend
Local 4Casters: Mix of rain and snow expected this weekend

DETROIT – A few nuisance flakes will hang around through Wednesday, but measurable snow still looks like a good bet this weekend, despite a spike in temperatures.

Stray snow showers

Whatever we get in the way of snow showers won’t be measurable. It’s possible a snow squall could drop visibility for a brief period. That’ll be the exception, rather than the rule. That will delay our sunshine breaks one more day.

Brief glimpses of light

Clouds will break up a bit more Thursday, and that’s as good as it gets, as far as sunshine goes. That will still be less than 50% of the sky. Clouds will thicken again Friday ahead of our next weekend system.

Limited sunshine (WDIV)

Groundhog Day in January

If we get one more weekend with rain and snow, we’ll have to call Bill Murray in to do the forecast. We’re expecting snow Saturday, becoming a mix of rain and snow. It’s not great for driving, but we probably won’t be shoveling much, either.

The timing of the storm is still in question, with some big spread among the models. But the bulk of the precipitation looks like it will fall Saturday. Temperatures will rise to the mid-40s by Sunday afternoon and stay there for Monday, as well.

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