Metro Detroit weather: Arctic air brings on coldest night in a year

Some quick snow showers this weekend

DETROIT – We’re wrapping up the snow in Metro Detroit, but we’re just getting started with the cold. Arctic air will rush in Thursday night, giving us our coldest night in nearly a year.

Frigid Friday

Clouds will peel away at exactly the wrong time. The lack of clouds after sunset will allow temperatures to fall further. Everyone will wake up to single digits Friday morning. Winds won’t be very brisk, but they’ll be strong enough to put wind chills below zero. Check the 4ZONE page to see what it will feel like on your front porch Friday morning.

Still slick roads

Even though we’ll stay dry Friday and nearly all of Saturday, the frigid temperatures will make road salt very ineffective, especially for morning commuters. Once temperatures dip below 10 degrees, salt not only melts nearly no ice, but it takes longer to do what little work it can. Make sense?

Salt effectiveness
Salt effectiveness (WDIV)

Promising weekend

We’re forecasting a decent amount of sunshine this weekend. Saturday morning should be the brightest, but even much of Sunday will feature a healthy sun/cloud mix.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but we’ll have precipitation for the eighth straight weekend. It won’t be much, though -- just a few quick snow showers with minimal accumulation (a few tenths of an inch, at most). Temperatures will shoot back above normal by Sunday afternoon.

On to the next one

By late Monday, we’ll be looking at another bout of precipitation. But with above-normal highs for the first part of next week, this might be more rain than snow. We’ll be watching it closely, as a few degrees will make a big difference in the forecast.

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