Metro Detroit weather: Warm temps stick around but a rainy weekend is ahead


DETROIT – No sunshine, no problem! Temperatures snuck up to 60 even with mainly overcast skies. Temperatures won't change much over the next several days, but rain chances will ramp up into the weekend.

Few showers soon

Thursday night, we'll see widespread light showers that will last through midnight. They'll start diminishing after that point and be gone by daybreak. Rainfall amounts should be less than a tenth of an inch.

Weekend rain & storms

We'll get our highest rain chances Friday night and Saturday. The daylight hours Friday will be dry. Rain chances ramp up around midnight into Saturday morning. We may hear a few rumbles at that time but storm chances are higher Saturday night.

Metro Detroit weather outlook
Metro Detroit weather outlook (WDIV)

Late evening and early overnight will bring another higher shot at storms. These may be strong. Parts of the area are in a Marginal Risk for severe weather. So we'll have to watch how it develops.

Metro Detroit weather outlook
Metro Detroit weather outlook (WDIV)

Windy Sunday

Most of the organized rain will leave us by Sunday morning. But it won't be completely gone. There will be some moisture on the back side, but whether it stays north of us is still an open question. Either way, winds will spike to near 50 mph in the afternoon. So be prepared for a windy finish to the weekend.

Sunshine Resumes

Bright skies come back next week. Sunshine will be plentiful both Monday and Tuesday. Plus the 50s will still be around to enjoy, too.

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