Metro Detroit weather: Turn for the worse after beautiful Wednesday

Rain returns after sunset Wednesday

Metro Detroit weather forecast April 8, 2020 -- 4 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast April 8, 2020 -- 4 p.m. Update

DETROIT – Wednesday has all the warmth of Tuesday without the hail. I hope you soaked up the sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. Thursday will look and feel a whole lot different.

Rain returns

As the sun sets Wednesday evening, clouds will increase and a round of showers will be with us from late evening through the early morning hours.

We can’t rule out a stray rumble, but this will be overwhelmingly just rain. Expect it all to be gone by the time we wake up Thursday morning, but it’s not our last look at drops this week.

Flashes of winter

After flirting with 70 degrees in most of the area Wednesday afternoon, we’ll be lucky to get the mid-40s by Thursday afternoon. It’s not just the temperatures that will give us weather whiplash, either.

Winds will be gusting up to 40 mph, keeping wind chills in the 30s for much of the day. Even though there will be some sunshine around, expect some rain showers in the second half of the day.

As temperatures drop Thursday night, some of that will become a few snowflakes, which will linger into Friday morning. That will be mainly in the North Zone and really in name only. No accumulation is expected.

Calmer weekend

After a similarly raw Friday, winds will relax over the weekend. Temperatures will return to near normal levels.

Saturday will be dry, with a mix of sun and clouds.

Unfortunately, Easter Sunday will not be as nice. Expect a morning round of rain, then another burst of showers in the evening. We’ll see plenty of rain Monday, as well.

Put it in reverse

Temperatures will fall below normal (which will be the upper 50s) starting Monday, and they’ll stay that way through the end of next week.

The week does look mainly dry after Monday’s rain, but if you check out Friday in the 10-day forecast, you’ll see the precipitation that does show up may not be just liquid. We’ll keep watching it.

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