Metro Detroit weather: Rain overnight, then chance for record low temperatures

Tuesday could be coldest April 21 ever

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DETROIT – Our next shot at precipitation will be rain. But we're not snow-free in this forecast. Plus temperatures will be below normal through the end of the month!

Rain and rumbles

Overnight, we'll get a line of showers advancing through the area. We may hear a few claps of thunder, but this will be primarily rain. Nothing strong or severe expected. Temperatures are on their way to the mid 30s by daybreak. However, that is not the coldest temperature of the forecast.

Near-record Tuesday

When we talk about setting records in April, you probably think shorts and T-shirts weather. But this Tuesday, we’re headed in the opposite direction.

High temperatures will only reach the low 40s. That’s within spitting distance of our lowest high temperature for April 21, which was 39. So we’ll likely stay north of the number, but it will be close. Regardless of the record situation, we’ll be about 20 degrees below normal for this time of year. Some snowflakes could show up in the morning, too. We won’t be measuring these, however. Also check out the wind chills by Wednesday morning on our 4ZONE page.

Not quite normal

Wednesday afternoon will give us back about ten degrees in the afternoon. But highs will stay below normal through the middle of next week. Temperatures won't be far below that mark, but they'll remain south of it. There are a couple 60s that show up after the weekend, though.

Wet pattern awaits

We’ve got plenty of rain chances this week and next. We’ll squeeze in some limited sunshine around it. But plan for showers and clouds more often than not.

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