Goodbye, cold April: What to expect in May and beyond in Michigan

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Welcome to May!

We’re saying goodbye to the 12th snowiest April on record. And at least for the first few days, May looks phenomenal.

We haven't hit the halfway point in Spring yet. But COVID cabin fever coupled with the recent stretch of cool and dreary days has us looking down the road a bit. Mother's Day is next week. Hurricane season starts in a month. The grass is getting greener and everyone is itching to get their flowers in the ground.

So in today's newsletter, we're looking a little further down the road than just the next ten days. I know we talk a lot about El Niño in seasonal outlooks, but it's not the only data we review. We're going to introduce you to some new acronyms that may become familiar as we go forward in the next several months. But these products never got the Chris Farley, professional wrestler treatment on Saturday Night Live like El Niño.

All the advice seems to suggest we take things one day at a time while we’re still stuck at home. But I think you’ll like what we have to say about what’s coming in the months ahead.

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It’s all up in the air

Weather is not always just about the short term.

Often us geeks look at weather patterns dictate large scale or global patterns. What I mean is what happens in California does in fact impact our weather in Michigan. There are several global patterns that have caught our attention recently. The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), and the Arctic Oscillation (NO).

These patterns have are forecasted to be in a negative phase in the coming days. This means the jet stream will take a favorable dive bringing cooler, drier Canadian air southward into the Great Lakes. The one many of you have heard about, El Nino, is also playing a role in our weather, but more long term.

Warming pacific waters are favorable for a less active jet. In other words, the jet will be concentrated further north. Milder air is expected in the long term.

Ben's newsletter.
Ben's newsletter. (Ben's newsletter.)

Now, once we leave the cold behind, summer will have arrived.

Looking out very long term, it does seem there are global signs that point toward near or possibly above average temperatures.

Ben's newsletter.
Ben's newsletter. (Ben's newsletter.)

So summer will be here soon, we will just have to wait a bit.

If you’re a fan of cooler weather, you are very welcome for this extended treat.

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70s have finally returned into the forecast this weekend. Although we will see some clouds, I expect to get some sun as well. Cool temperatures will be the main story next week.

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This article first appeared in Ben Bailey’s Weather Newsletter. Sign up for it here!

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