Metro Detroit weather: Glorious weekend forecast, but don’t get used to it

Weekend brings highs in 70s

DETROIT – May is here, and so is the weekend! These next two days are definitely worth waiting for, especially when you see what’s waiting on the other side.

Weekend wonder

It's always great to get sunshine and mild air. But when we get it to fall on the weekend, it's like hitting the lottery. Maybe like matching three numbers and not the Powerball, but it still feels like a win. Saturday will feature more sun than clouds as a dry cold front will pass through almost unnoticed. There's a very slight shot at a shower from that, but i'd be willing to bet that 3-number Powerball winner that no one sees a drop. Sunday is even brighter and dry all day. Both days will give us highs in the low 70s.

April returns

So remember all those below normal days last month? Well, apparently they’re coming back. After Monday’s high in the low 60s, we’ll stay in the 50s for highs into the start of next week (with the exception of a low 60-degree finish on Thursday). It is a mostly dry stretch, however. With rain chances limited to Tuesday night and again on Friday.

Sneak summer peek

Let’s not end on a gloomy note. We took a look at some of the long range data to see what the first part of summer may hold, and it’s actually good news! Over the next 90 days, we have at least a non-trivial shot at being above normal.

Now, that percentage is relatively low, and that doesn’t indicate how far above normal we may be. But at least the data is on the warm side, even if we have to look months down the road to find it.

Have a great weekend!

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