Metro Detroit weather: Ridiculous cold stretch finally comes to an end

Temperatures should reach 80 degrees next week

DETROIT – Freeze warnings are up again for most of Southeast Michigan, but that should be all she wrote on the ridiculous cold. Numbers are trending upward and we won’t stop until we get to 80. The question is how long will we have to wait.

Subfreezing start

Many locations will sink to 32 and below tonight, although parts of the Metro Zone should stay above that mark. This is the last night we'll have to cover our 'tender vegetation.' That should be the green light to get in the garden. Lows Wednesday night will be in the mid 40s. Then all of our starts will be in the 50s or 60s through Memorial Day weekend. That's just 10 days away!

Soaking storms

Our sunny stretch comes to an end just as temperatures hit normal levels on Thursday. Plan on wet weather possible every day from Thursday through Sunday. The first two days of that stretch will be bringing a lot of water. Up to 2 inches of rain are possible, with higher totals expected in the South Zone.

Late week rainfall forecast (WDIV)

More rain is in store for the weekend. Saturday may be a close call with rain just south of the state line. Sunday, rain becomes likely again with another healthy drink of water from thunderstorms. We're not worried about severe weather, though.

Warmth arrives

The countdown to 80 is now less than 200 hours. I'm not sure if that makes it sound closer than 8 days or not. Wednesday and Thursday of next week, the mercury should touch 80 in the afternoon. But it will just barely get there. Regardless, that's above normal and it's been most of the month since we've been able to say that. Most of next week's warmth is paired with sunshine, too.

So after this week’s rain, and next week’s warmth and sun, the mowers will be humming all across southeast Michigan.

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