Metro Detroit weather: Heat wave takes temperatures back above normal

Temperatures rise for rest of week

Metro Detroit weather forecast June 16, 2020 -- 4 p.m. Update
Metro Detroit weather forecast June 16, 2020 -- 4 p.m. Update

DETROIT – We’ve turned the corner from Pleasant Parkway to Sultry Street. Temperatures will move above normal Wednesday, and we’ll bake from Thursday through Father’s Day on Sunday.

Heat wave incoming

Wednesday’s 86 will be the coolest high temperature we’ll get until next week. And the slight chance of showers we were eyeing may have completely evaporated. At least the humidity won’t be all that bad for the next two days.

Temperatures will hit 90 for four straight days. Heat index readings Friday and Saturday (and possibly Sunday depending on storm timing) will be in the mid 90s. If the forecast verifies, that will bring our 90-degree day total for 2020 to six already!

Dry stretch for some

If you didn’t get soaked with last week’s severe storms, it’s been quite awhile since you’ve had significant rain. Metro Airport is one of those locations, which is, coincidentally, the official climate reporting site for the Detroit metropolitan area.

From May 19 through June 19 (Friday), rain totals have been less than an inch, which is about 21% of normal rainfall.

Dry stretch (WDIV)

Sunday should dent those totals for some. But if you've lived around here long enough, you know summer thunderstorms aren't reliable rainmakers for an entire area. There will be many of us that still don't get a good soaking. At least there are a couple more shots next week.

Relief next week

Temperatures cool a bit and humidity relents, too, early next week. Our highs will be near normal for the entire week.

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