Metro Detroit weather: Humidity returns, storm chances loom

Temperatures reach 90 through weekend

DETROIT – An air quality alert has been extended to Friday for high levels of ozone. Check the red banner at the top of the page for details. Humidity starts creeping back Friday, too. Plus, storm chances are looming for Father’s Day.

Heat wave

Temperatures will hang around 90 for Friday through the weekend. The dry air we have in place is gradually moistening (some people vehemently hate that word, but it’s accurate).

That will make the air feel slightly hotter, especially Saturday and Sunday. But it looks like dew points will max out between 60 and 65. That’s noticeable humidity, but not necessarily muggy. Obviously, that’s all subjective.

However, that’s some important good news when you’re looking at multiple scorchers in a row. Lower dew points give us a lower “floor” for temperatures to fall toward overnight. And for those without air conditioning, letting your body cool down at night is important to fight off heat illness.

Storm chances increase

Even with 90 degree heat for Friday and Saturday, temperatures should be warm enough in the mid levels to prevent storms before Father's Day. But the chance isn't zero. So an isolated pop-up storm isn't out of the question in the next couple days.

Sunday, as a cold front approaches, we expect widely scattered thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoon. The front doesn’t pass through until Monday, which will give us another shot at wet weather then.

Cooler, wetter

In fact, next week has several more rain chances, depending on the speed of the systems we’re watching. After Monday’s cold front slides through, humidity will decrease a bit, but bounce back quickly with a warm front that will renew shower shots midweek. Temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler for most of next week, which is close to normal for late June.

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