Metro Detroit weather: Cold front brings changes to forecast

Temperatures slide for next couple of days

DETROIT – A cold front will bring on a few changes Tuesday night. Keeping the heat in check will be the most noticeable, but numbers will spike before long.

Refreshing change

We’ll see temperatures slide south a bit in the coming couple days. Drier air is also a part of that equation. So expect a cool night with lows in the 50s. Highs Wednesday won’t make it out of the 70s, and we’ll barely get to 80 on Thursday afternoon.

Even as temperatures start to move upward Friday, the humidity stays in check. Normal highs are in the low 80s for this stretch so the next couple days will be unseasonably cool.

Rain shots are slim

There’s a very small chance that we see a shower on Wednesday. If it happens, it’s more likely to appear in the North Zone. Thursday, some of us may see a brief afternoon thundershower, but most of us should miss out on that as well.

Our best chance of wet weather will be Saturday, with scattered thunderstorms moving in. And beyond that, it’s a whole lot of dry days through next week.

Dust plume possible

Here’s something we don’t talk about everyday: a dust forecast! There’s a larger than normal plume of dust heading toward the southern US which originated in Africa. Because there’s more of it than normal, there may be a noticeable batch headed our way by the weekend or early next week.

The most likely effect will be some colorful sunrises and sunsets. But as of right now, it shouldn’t be intense enough to reduce visibility or cause air quality issues. We’ll keep an eye on it.

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