Metro Detroit weather: Plenty of sunshine and heat in upcoming forecast

Several days of sunshine, above-normal temperatures

Metro Detroit weather forecast: Hot, warm week ahead
Metro Detroit weather forecast: Hot, warm week ahead

DETROIT – If you like sunshine and heat, you’re in luck. We’ve got truckloads of that, and even more in a warehouse out back.

Stuck in a rut

The whole “wait five minutes and the weather will change” mantra that’s common in Michigan won’t really hold its weight this week, or even the first part of next week.

We’ve got days and days of sunshine and above-normal temperatures. Highs will remain in the mid-80s through Wednesday then get bumped to the 90s for possibly more than a week.

Normal highs are 83 degrees and will move to 84 on Monday. That starts our statistically warmest two-plus weeks of the year.

The humidity should stay in check, rising from noticeable for the first half of the week to muggy for Thursday and beyond. That puts heat index readings slightly higher than air temperatures, but not by much.

Staying parched

I hope you picked up enough rain from this past weekend’s storm, because we’ve got none in the forecast until after the Fourth of July weekend.

Thunderstorms will start to appear next Wednesday. That means 10 straight days without a drop.

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