Metro Detroit weather: Temperatures could reach record territory by weekend

Monday could be even warmer

DETROIT – What a weather week still in front of us! Temperatures touched the 70s on Wednesday afternoon and may reach record territory by the weekend.

Near-record warmth

Sunshine helped some of us reach the 70s already, but clouds will depress those temperatures a bit Thursday, with highs in the mid-60s. We return to plenty of sunshine for Friday through the weekend. Temperatures will finish in the upper 60s.

Saturday’s record high is 70 degrees, dating back to 1916.

Sunday’s record is 71 from 1915.

This might be the warmest we’ve been in more than a century for Nov. 7 or Nov. 8.

Monday looks to be the warmest, maxing out in the low 70s.

Rain on vacation

Dry conditions will continue, giving us more than a week without precipitation. Our next chance of rain will be late Monday, with more likely chances Tuesday.

That will also begin our next cool-down, taking back to the 50s for highs next Wednesday. Lows next Thursday will be close to freezing.

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