Metro Detroit weather: Multiple chances for light rainfall this week

Likely rain chances Tuesday, Friday, Sunday

DETROIT – Think of July in Southeast Michigan: We’re getting a lot closer to that mental picture in this week’s forecast.

Rain Lite

Just like your favorite beer, we have a lite version of weather: the same warm temperatures and less than half the rain.

We have likely rain chances Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, but these are drier systems and, most importantly, quick-movers.

Only part of those days will feature showers, and they’ll be scattered, especially Tuesday.

Total rainfall for Tuesday through the weekend won’t get to 1 inch in most spots, and just barely over that mark for others. I suspect many of us will be OK with that.

Typical heat

Highs will be close to normal for nearly the entire forecast. Tuesday will be the exception, as temperatures warm to the upper 80s.

We’ll get a little spike in the humidity, too, so heat index readings will be in the low 90s.

A cold front will chase away some of that heat and mugginess, putting us back to 80 degrees with just noticeable humidity Wednesday. There’s no big warmup past that point, but we will get higher humidity going into the weekend.

Smoke fades

The smoke from western wildfires will be at its peak over us Monday night. Then, we’ll see a lot less of it throughout the week. It might still be noticeable through Friday, but sunsets might not be as colorful.

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