Metro Detroit weather: More rain, but then forecast drastically improves

Showers stick around for Friday

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DETROIT – Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Thursday is a day for us all to celebrate Mexico -- enjoy! Just don’t use your friendly neighborhood meteorologist as a piñata when you hear about more rain approaching.

Showers will increase across the area Thursday night, with the most widespread rain coverage being the farther south you are. Keep a close eye on the app’s real-time radar if you’re trying to get some outdoor things done in the evening before the rain moves in.

Lows in the mid- to upper 40s (7 to 9 degrees Celsius). East wind becoming northeast later Thursday night, at 5-10 mph.

Thursday’s sunset is at 8:37 p.m., and Friday’s sunrise is at 6:22 a.m.


There will be numerous showers around Friday, but significantly less rain to the north than across the south. Again, keep an eye on our app’s radar to see if you can enjoy the great outdoors.

Highs generally around 60 degrees (15 to 16 degrees Celsius), with northeast winds at 10-15 mph (perhaps even stronger), so it’ll be a breezy day.

Showers will still be around Friday night (particularly to the south), with lows in the mid- to upper 40s (7 to 9 degrees Celsius).

Mother’s Day weekend forecast

As I discussed Wednesday, the computer models differ on when this rain ends for good, and, remarkably, that’s still the case now.

More models Thursday believe the rain will end overnight Friday into Saturday, but the minority of models that keep the rain longer into the morning are also some of our more reliable models.

At this point, I’m leaning with the drier models, as I think the very dry air over the region may end up winning out. So, it’s not impossible that some of us to the southeast could have an early shower Saturday, but I think most of the day will be dry.

Regardless, sunshine should build in from the north, eventually giving us plenty of sunshine. In case you’ve never heard me say or write this before: If you are an early morning jogger, or have an early tee time, check our app’s real-time radar when you wake up to see the status of things, and plan accordingly.

Highs Saturday should reach 60 degrees, but it’ll be colder if you are southwest of Lakes Erie, St. Clair, or Huron, as the wind will be blowing from the northeast.

Mostly clear Saturday night, with lows in the low to mid-40s (6 to 7 degrees Celsius).

How about this Mother’s Day present from your friendly neighborhood meteorologist (see, I told you not to use him as a piñata): Mostly sunny on Sunday, with light wind and highs in the mid-60s (17 to 18 degrees Celsius). What a day!  Fire up those grills for mom.

Next week

Next week still looks mainly dry, with plenty of sunshine and highs starting off near 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius) on Monday, then rising into the upper-70s to near 80 degrees (26 to 27 degrees Celsius) the rest of the week!

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