What’s the difference in storm types for Ian? How did the original forecasts compare to landfall?

How did the forecasts for Ian compare to what actually happened?

Forecasting has come so far in terms of forecasting tropical systems, so how did some of the original forecasts do, and why did the title of Ian change on Friday? 4Warn Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman has the details.

You’ve probably heard a lot lately the terms hurricane, tropical storm and now post-tropical cyclone -- but what do each of these mean?

Also, how did the original forecast for Hurricane Ian compare to what actually happened when it reached land?

Local 4 Meteorologist Bryan Schuerman is breaking down the differences, and how accurate the forecasts were.

Watch in the video player above.

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Bryan joined the WDIV 4Warn Weather Team in May 2022 as a meteorologist, and is also an experienced middle & high school teacher.