Mississippi meteorologist creates shelter list for tornado prone areas across the United States

This past weekend’s deadly tornadoes in the south were another reminder that quick decisions can save lives when severe weather arrives.

When severe weather is approaching, and you’re at home, hopefully already have a plan of what to do. But how about while outdoors or somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, that may not be top of mind.

A violent tornado killed more than two dozen people Friday night.

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A Mississippi meteorologist Craig Ceecee utilized google maps was able to direct people to tornado shelters with findyourtornadoshelter.com.

He launched the list about a year and a half ago through his own research and relying on the help of emergency managers and others. There are about 1,600 shelters that are listed. Michigan made the cut and there are four shelters listed that are in the Traverse City area.

Below are the shelters on the map:

  • Benzie Community Center on Hoadley Road
  • Grand Traverse Band Elder’s Building on East Ki-Dah-Keh Mi-Kun in Suttons Bay Township
  • Antrim’s Elk Lake on Cherry Avenue
  • Charlevoix Community Center on Wa-Be-Noong Mi-Kun

To learn more about the list of tornado shelters, watch the video player above.

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