Boaters trapped in storm call 911 from Lake St. Clair

Mark Ralph calls 911 after his boat takes on water during storm on Lake St. Clair

LAKE ST. CLAIR, Mich. - A husband and wife were rescued Monday after their boat took on water during a storm on Lake St. Clair.

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Mark Ralph said he and his wife were able to keep their cellphones above water so they could call 911. Local 4 has a portion of Ralph's 911 call.

Listen: Ralph's call to 911

911: I've got your coordinates right here. I'm going to get you help, OK? How many people?

Ralph: Two. An adult male, an adult woman.

911: Ok, listen, I'm going to get you help right away. What kind of boat do you have?

Ralph: It doesn't matter. It's under water.

Ralph and his wife were rescued by Macomb County Sheriff's deputies within an hour. The couple followed safe boating rules and stayed with their boat.

The boat was recovered from the stormy waters.

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