Icy conditions may develop Monday night in Metro Detroit

Wet surfaces, falling temps not good combination for Metro Detroit roads

By Paul Gross - Meteorologist
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DETROIT - Light rain and drizzle Monday evening will change to scattered snow showers overnight, but the bigger concern is temperatures that will fall below freezing.

As usual, it's going to be a race against time. Once the rain and drizzle end, water on surfaces will start evaporating.  However, temperatures also will drop below freezing between midnight and dawn. 

If most of that moisture on paved surfaces evaporates before the temperature hits freezing, then we'll have mostly dry roads, driveways and sidewalks by the Tuesday morning rush.  The one exception will be puddles, which could freeze. 

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If temps crash sooner, we'll flash freeze that moisture, which means numerous icy areas.  So, be very careful when you head out first thing Tuesday morning ... just in case.

As for Tuesday itself, you'll be talking about the weather!  Temperatures at the start of the day will be in the mid 20s, and will only rise a few degrees (perhaps even not at all) as very cold air streams in. Snow showers also will increase throughout the day, and some of you could even pick up a fresh coating by the end of the day.

It's also going to be very windy, with wind blowing from the west-southwest at 20-30 mph, with gusts over 30 mph. 

This wind will knock wind chills down into the teens, so get ready for a good blast of winter.

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