Mild start, mostly sunny skies Wednesday

Temperatures should reach 60 degrees Thursday

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer

DETROIT - Sometimes it's good to be average, right?

Average highs this time of year should be around 57° and that's exactly where we expect to be this Wednesday afternoon.

There's barely a cloudy in the sky. But as we continue to warm, we'll see mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies throughout the day as cooler winds turn SW 6-12 mph.

 Thursday temperatures will shoot into the mid 60s with warm and gusty winds cranking from the SW 15-25 mph or stronger. In fact, by late morning and early afternoon, 30-40 mph gusts are likely. 

A cold front will approach Metro Detroit in the mid to late afternoon bringing scattered rain and thundershowers which could last into the early evening. Keep your eyes to the skies between 3pm and 6pm because there may be lightning and gusty winds just as kids are getting out of school tomorrow. After that, skies will clear behind that cold front later Thursday night.

Friday is a beautiful finish to the work and school week around SE Michigan with highs climbing back to around 60°. Friday also brings mostly to partly sunny skies and lighter winds.

Saturday will be the better of the two weekend days hitting the low 60s with sunshine mixed with a few patchy clouds. We will see scattered rain and thunder showers around on Sunday as we try to climb back into the mid 60s.

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