Ozone Action Day declared for Metro Detroit Wednesday

Southeast Michigan can expect hot, humid, sunny weather on Aug. 21

DETROIT - Officials have announced that Wednesday, Aug. 21 is an Ozone Action Day for southeast Michigan as the region can expect hot, humid and sunny weather.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) said with ozone levels already building over the past couple of days, Wednesday's weather is conducive to higher ozone concentrations.

The unusually wet and cool weather this summer has reduced the number of ozone action days so far. SEMCOG says this is just the third Ozone Action Day of the summer.

SEMCOG provides a list of things Michigan residents can do to help keep the air clean on Wednesday and for other Ozone Action Days:

  • Try not to refuel on Ozone Action Days. If you can, refuel the night before. If you need to refuel on an Ozone Action day, fill up in the evening when the weather is cooler and don't "top off" the tank. If you have a newer vehicle with a capless gas cap, that will lessen the chances of gas fumes releasing into the air.
  • Reduce automobile use on Ozone Action days. Carpool or take transit.
  • Choose the lawn chair over the lawn mower. Wait until it's cooler and the air is cleaner.
  • Click here to learn more and visit SEMCOG's website.

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