Snow storm expected during Friday morning rush hour in Metro Detroit

Brace for another round of snow -- 10 inches possible in some areas

DETROIT - If you don't like driving in the snow then think of an excuse to stay home Friday morning. 

Metro Detroit is expected to get several inches of snow starting overnight and into the early morning hours -- even before rush hour, then during rush hour. 

Snow, snow, snow ... here's the latest forest from Meteorologist Brandon Roux:

"Early model data shows  5-10 inches of snow likely Friday starting before the morning drive. It will be snowing all day tomorrow and heavy at times mid morning through the afternoon. Temps in the teens to start and upper 20s during the snowy afternoon.

From 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, we could very well see some areas getting over 8 inches of snow and a Winter Storm Warning may be issued if the threat of more snow comes into model play today. We’ll keep you posted."

It's been a snowy week, no doubt. It started Sunday with snow totals reaching 6 inches in some areas of southeastern Michigan. Then we got another round Tuesday night into Wednesday. Thursday morning was a nice break in the snow action, but as you can see the finale comes Friday. 

Tips for driving safely on snowy roads

Sure, it's February in Michigan and you should be used to this by now. But it never hurts to have a few reminders on how to drive safely in the snow: 

  • Drive slowly -- Stopping, turning and accelerating all take more time when roads are slick.
  • Give some space -- As mentioned, stopping takes more time in the snow. Leave enough space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you so that you can safely stop.
  • Avoid stopping if possible -- It's harder for a vehicle to accelerate in the snow. If possible, slow down far enough away from a red light that you can keep your tires rolling until the light changes.
  • Don't slam on the brakes -- Slamming on the brakes can cause traction to be lost. When braking, use the ball of your foot to steadily push on the brake pedal. 
  • Don't accelerate up a hill -- Accelerating on a snowy hill will cause your tires to spin. Also, don't stop while ascending a hill.
  • Be prepared -- Be sure you have tires that are properly inflated and don't have worn treads. Outfitting your vehicle with winter tires can also make driving in the snow easier.

Snow shoveling tips

Of course, there's the shoveling snow aspect to all of this. When you get home from school or work on Friday you will be greeted by a decent amount of snow to clear from your driveway, walkway or what-have-you. 

Remember, seek help if you don't think you're up to the task. You should avoid shoveling snow if:

  • You don't exercise regularly
  • You have heart or lung disease
  • You are significantly overweight
  • You have general concerns about your health


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