Thunderstorms may rumble across metro Detroit

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer
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DETROIT - Before noon we missed out on the thundershowers pouring over Lake Michigan into Lower Michigan. But, our southern counties, closer to our southern borders, may get a midday shower. Wednesday will be more dry than wet but there is a chance for a few storms firing up with the heat of the afternoon and a chance we will see some late afternoon storms from a complex coming out of Central Illinois and Indiana. So don't cancel any of your plans as there is no guarantee we will see much of any shower activity, but there is still a small fear that storms developing in the heat of the late afternoon could contain some heavy downpours and downburst winds. Wednesday high temps will be into the mid 80s with scattered showers later in the day.

We will hang on to the humidity for about another day or day and a half. Thursday will be more dry than wet too with a chance for some early morning rain and more pop up storms possible with the peak heating late. Highs will be in the low 80s before a cool front approaches and cools us off. We may see 80 degrees again on Friday but the muggy air will be replaced with cooler once we are done with the showers on Friday.

The weekend will be cooler in 70s with a chance for spotty showers and storms both days. Looking long term, the computer models are hinting at a chance for rain almost every day for the next two weeks. Don't expect wash outs… we're talking about scattered showers hovering over SE Michigan possibly for the next couple of weeks.

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