Warm front and showers heading to metro Detroit

Highs will reach 80 degrees

By Brandon Roux - Meteorologist, Segment Reporter/Producer

DETROIT - The morning showers were swallowed up by dry air in SE Michigan, so we've seen nothing but haze and fog early.

There are more showers on radar which you can check right here on clickondetroit.com.

Most of those showers won't survive as they again are drying up before they arrive. We expect only isolated showers with highs today near 80 degrees. If the low clouds, haze and fog don't lift quickly enough, we may struggle to hit 80 today. 

A cold front brings a better chance for rain and thunder Friday but it will still be warm before that front pushes through. SE Michigan is under a slight risk for severe weather Friday Afternoon and early evening.

We will likely see just scattered showers through Lower Michigan in the morning. A few stronger storms will fire up in the late afternoon and early evening which may produce gusty winds and hail so keep an eye to the sky tomorrow, especially late in the day. Highs tomorrow will be near 80 degrees again.

A few light showers may hang around the area early Saturday before we dry out and cool off for the weekend.

Fall starts at 4:44pm Sunday. Temps will respond and be much cooler this weekend but we will stay mostly dry. Expect temps in the 60's all weekend with a only a chance for a few light showers early Saturday.

Track radar as rain and thunder heads our way this morning and get your complete forecast on the new ClickOnDetroit app (it's free!) in your app store.

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