Weather trouble likely by Sunday night

Wintry mix could mess up Monday morning commute

By Paul Gross - Meteorologist
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DETROIT - After a week in the deep freeze, this weekend will bring a welcome reprieve as we return closer to average winter temperatures. 

Sunshine on Saturday will make it feel even nicer and, even though clouds will be on the increase Sunday, high temps in the upper 20s won't be too tough to take. 

So, the weather looks great if you're heading to the final two days of the Auto Show at Cobo, or to see the taped or live finals of the FOUR pro bowlers tournaments at Thunderbowl in Allen Park, which will be televised on ESPN over the next few weeks. 

By the way, the PBA is debuting its new team format right here in Detroit, and some of the teams' owners, including Jerome Bettis and Lamarr Woodley, will be at Thunderbowl!

But then comes Sunday night. 

Precipitation normally forms as the result of change in the atmosphere and, as warmer air starts surging this way Sunday night, we'll see a real mess break out at the lead edge of that warmer air mass. 

We'll see snow first, and probably a couple of inches accumulating before the snow starts changing to ice from south to north.

If the changeover occurs sooner, then we get less snow and more ice; if the changeover is delayed, then we'll get more snow and less ice. 

As warm air aloft continues flowing northward, the transition will first be from snow to sleet (little pellets of ice), and then from sleet to freezing rain (rain that immediately freezes on contact when it falls into below freezing temperatures).Eventually, this will change to all rain on Monday.

If everything progresses on schedule as I see it now, the Monday morning commute could be a real slush hour, with not much rush.

Of course, anytime you have a meteorological situation with transitions from snow to ice or vice verse, changes can occur from the way we forecast it a couple of days ahead of time. 

So check in with Local 4 all weekend long, and Meteorologist Brandon Roux will keep you updated.

In between newscasts, don't forget to check back often with our weather page at

The zoomable radar maps are terrific, and you'll want to track the weather moving in yourself late Sunday.

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