Wet Monday ahead of chilly air

Rain to start the work week

By Andrew Humphrey, CBM - Meteorologist And Station Scientist
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Andrew Humphrey!

DETROIT - A brief reminder: We just emerged from Daylight Saving Time.  Sunrise and sunset are occuring about an hour later than last week.  Remember to set all of your clocks at home and at work ahead 1 hour and change the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Look for the expiration date of your detectors, also.  Residents may need to purchase new ones.

Monday will remain mild most of the day, but it will also be wet.  Temps will hold in the low 50s and upper 40s most of the day.  The morning commute will be wet with rain.  Afternoon showers will become more scattered with a dip in the temps to the low 40s.

Rain will mix with some snow showers Monday night as chillier air moves in and temps fall to 32 degrees or less.

Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and chilly with highs in the upper 30s.  The rest of the week will become sunnier but remain chilly.  Highs will be in the middle and upper 30s and lows will be in the 20s through Friday.

Skies may be clear enough to see the comet Pan-STARRS in the western sky Wednesday.  Just after sunset, between 7:30pm and 8pm, will be the best time to look.

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