Thunderstorms, heavy rain ahead

Thunderstorms with heavy rain will be around through the evening...


Flooding along River Raisin leaves roads, parks swamped

Flooding along the River Raisin in Monroe County left some roads and parks swamped on Tuesday as area residents and business owners took precautions to keep floodwaters from causing more damage.


Michigan Senate panel OKs 15-cent gas tax hike for roads

The full Senate could vote on the plan Wednesday, three weeks after the House passed a different proposal.


City Council rejects water rate hike

It is back to the drawing board for Detroit's water department. City Council rejected a proposed plan Tuesday night to raise water rates by about $5.


3.3-magnitude earthquake recorded in Mich.

A 3.3-magnitude earthquake was recorded at about 11:42 a.m. just outside Battle Creek, Mich.


Judge: Enough basis to end Mitchelle Blair's parental rights

Judge Edward J. Joseph on Tuesday said there is enough basis to terminate Mitchelle Blair’s parental rights to her 8-year-old son and her 17-year-old daughter.


Ferre' Dollar/CNN

The Internet survived the leap second

This evening, a "leap second" threatened to wreak havoc across the Internet. But unlike the last leap second in 2012, the Internet continued on without a noticeable hitch.


Hikers survive lightning strike

A man is lucky to be alive after he and a dozen other hikers survived a lightning strike on Mount Bierstadt.


Coffee carts and trucks of metro D

Whether you enjoy your coffee from a well-known chain, you make it at home or grab it from a mom and pop shop near your place of employment, most everyone runs on coffee.


Putting 'Baby Foot' to the test

Sandal season is in full swing, but are your feet silky smooth or a major mess?


Turf war brews at old Tiger Stadium site

Both groups want what's best for Detroit, but they differ on how to do that.


Uniquely Detroit: Offworld Arcade

The greatest decade of all time? That's easy: the 1980s.



America's favorite fast food chain is...

While satisfaction with the restaurant industry has waned, the survey found Americans still eat out an average of four times a week. See which company topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index for 2015.

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